Clairdee's "I Remember Nancy"

Dante Club, 2330 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95825

With throngs of fans, particularly vocalist’s mourning the recent passing of the legendary jazz artist Nancy Wilson, few have shared closer professional respect and kindred relationship as that of Ms. Wilson and Clairdee. Clairdee has said, “I have had great mentors throughout the years, specifically, my manager John Levy, Nancy Wilson, and pianist Norman Simmons." Wilson and Clairdee were both managed by Levy. Having received the 2018 Bay Area Jazz and Blues Lifetime Achievement Award, Clairdee returns to the Sacramento Jazz Coop with her trio under the direction of musical director Ken French on piano, Ron Belcher on bass, and Jim Zimmerman on drums. Join us for this personal tribute of, “Clairdee’s, I Remember Nancy.”